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Welcome to the DC Autocare Service information page.  Our goal is to provide the very best service to suit your automotive repair and maintenance needs. Because our quality control standards are high, our technicians are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver the best service for your hard earned dollar. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy. Here is a short list of our services. WE ARE NOW A USED VEHICLE DEALER!!! Come and see us for yournext vehicle purchase. We are also an MVIS (Motor Vehicle Inspection Station) and are able to take care of your safety and annual inspection needs.


Your vehicles brakes are the single most important safety feature of you vehicle. Making sure that they are performing as intended is paramount in ensuring the safety of your vehicle is up to the highest standard. For that reason, your vehicles brakes should be inspected every six months. Regular inspection and maintenance will ensure your brakes opperate safely as intended and give you peace of mind when you travel.

Signs your brakes need to be inspected:

  • Noise: Screeching, grinding or clicking noises while applying the brakes
  • Pulling: This can be a sign that something is seized and causes the vehicle to pul to one side while braking.
  • Low or soft pedal feel: Brake pedal feels spongy or almost goes to the floor.
  • Hard pedal: Need to apply excessive pressure to try and stop vehicle.
  • Vibration: Pedal pulsates when applying the brakes and could be a sign of excess rust build up or warped brake rotors.
  • Warning Light: Brake indicator light is on in the dash cluster could indicate the is a fault with your brake system.


Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that makes direct contact with the road. When your tire are worn it can limit the ability of your vehicle to properly dissipate water or snow which in turn creates a barrier between your tires and the road.

  • Having your tires rotated regularly can increase the life span of the tires.
  • Inspecting and adjusting tire pressure weekly will insure optimum performance of your tires and can also prevent premature wear.
  • Uneven tire wear can cause problems with your final drive (transmission or differential) and cause premature damage to very expensive drive systems.
  • Humming noises can indicate irregular tire wear (an indicator of other problems like suspension components that are loose or alignment geometry is in need of adjustment).
  • Traction is diminished and can lead to loss of control and increase the potential for accidents.

Oil Change

One of the most important services for increasing the life of your engine. Regular oil changes can prevent extensive damage to the components of your engine. Oil breaks down over time and mileage and affect the lubricating properties of the engine oil. It is one of the least expensive services for your vehicle but probably the most important.

DC Autocare reccomends that you replace your oil every 5000 Km for conventonal oil and every 8000 km for synthetic.

Mufflers and Exhaust

Your vehicle’s exhaust system uses a muffler to substantially reduce the noise your engine makes. However, the most important function your exhaust system provides is the reduction of dangerous emissions produced by your engine.

These emissions include carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other pollutants that are unhealthy for both your vehicles passengers as well as the environment. Your catalytic converter serves as the primary source of removing these contaminants from your car’s emissions, while your exhaust pipe vents the emissions away from the vehicle and your passengers.

It’s important to have your vehicle’s exhaust system serviced & inspected if you smell exhaust while inside the vehicle. If your vehicle is louder than normal, can also indicate there is a leak present in the exhaust system.

Check Engine Light

One of the most confusing warnings on your dashboard, however, this can be there for many reasons...

It can be something as simple as a loose gas cap. Due to the complexity of todays engines and emmission systems, the light could alsopoint to any number of sensors that are not working correctly and adversly affect driveability or fuel efficiency. Don't let this light go un-tended to. An inexpensive sensor not working can have an effect on very expensive components like your catalytic converter. Get peace of mind by having us look into the cause.

Drive Belts and Hoses

Accessory drive belts and timing belts (if equipped), as well as rubber hoses should be checked at service time for wear or cracking, and should be replaced as needed.

If your car has a timing belt, change it every 4-5 years or every 80,000 to 100,000km, whichever comes first. Do not ignore this service. A broken timing belt can easily destroy an engine, and yes, they do break. Accessory drive belts should be changed around the same time, every 5 years or 100,000km.

Steering And Suspension

Your suspension system is very important because it’s what helps you stay in control when you’re on the road and provides a comfortable ride by minimizing bumps, vibrations, and noise.

Be aware of a few warning signs that could mean your suspension is in need of attention:

  • Vehicle pulls to one side or steering wheel is off center.
  • Knocking noise heard going over bumps (more noticeable at low parking lot speeds).
  • Screaching noise heard when going around turns.
  • Steering effort is greater than normal.
  • Steering unresponsive to light input (lane changes requiring more effort).

Battery and Charging System

Your vehicle battery is the most important part of any trip you make. If the vehicle won't start, you're not going anywhere!

Your engine and all other features of your vehicle rely on a good battery. Your battery relies on a properly operating charging system to ensure that your battery is always fully charged. The lifespan of a battery varies greatly but should be checked at regular intervals to ensure it is ready for the demand.

Regular checks and service to clean battery terminals and posts from corrosion is simple and helps ensure longer battery life. With the fluctuations in temperature in Ontario, the demands on your battery are extreme. From +30 to -30 temperatures the battery needs to perform. Let us make sure it is ready for it.

Cooling System

Your cooling system is critical in maintaining the right operating temperature of your engine as well as automatic transmissions. No matter how hot or cold it is outside, your engine and transmission are designed to operate at a predetermined temperature. An overheated engine or transmission can result in a very expensive repair or replacement.

Not only does it keep your engine and transmission happy, it is the same system designed to keep the occupents of the vehicle comfortable in cold weather climates.

Much like engine oil, the coolant can break down over time becoming acidic and adversly affecting critical cooling components made of aluminium.

Your coolant should be replaced every 4 years to make sure it is working and protecting expensive components for the life of your vehicle


We are licensed to perform and provide safety inspections and annual inspections